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Welcome to Anoniem Match

In modern life and a fast pace we do not have enough human contact and warmth.

And what kind of acquaintance can be without communication?!! Most people have settled in the virtual world, trying to compensate for what is escaping from reality! Unfortunately this is the way to nowhere ...

We are giving you the opportunity, Real communication, on contract terms of six months and the ability to stay on forever together.

You can always count on our support during the contract. On such issues as the language barrier, features in the social and mental aspect, the characteristics of culture and customs, the difficulties of the characters.

We will be glad to help you, because our goal is to make you happy!

• It does not matter the nationality and place of residence.
• People have the same needs.
• A difference in views due to the difference in life and circumstances.

Consult one of our team to help you with this.



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In honor of the beginning

Our story

In life, changes are always unexpected, that's what happened to us, we found each other So we decided to organize anoniemmatch.com to help you find the right partner for life.

Everything on this planet want to find your soul mate and be loved, not in spite of what the circumstances, you deserve it!

Do not hesitate, write to us and we will support you and help you find your true Love and a better life!

A thousand words said will not replace the hour of live communication. We are radically different from any dating sites. Introducing a new concept and attitude to the client. Our advantages are obvious, individually and for every specific person we select for him or her a couple.

Why choose us instead of a simple dating site?

We are convinced that all people are individual and approach to them should be appropriate.

If you are lonely and tired of searching - come, we will help you!

Regardless of your gender and preferences.

Dating? Love? New countries?

Then, to us!

Our team

Anton Surikov
Liana Brosinska

The Registration and contact form

Prepare 3-5 photos that most beautifully characterize you. Fill out the form below, specify the time and date when you are more comfortable making a call, we'll call you! We talk: in Latvian, Russian, English, Dutch languages. After our conversation Your profile will be activated and You'll become one step closer to your dream! For any questions, please contact info@anoniemmatch.com - any message will not be left without attention!

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