frequently asked questions

1. Why do I need a video chat with you?

- Because we work individually with each client and in order to avoid fictitious profiles.

2. At what age can you be registred on anoniemmatch.com website?

- from 20 to 100 years:

3. Are there any restrictions for registration?

- We have no restrictions on any criteria. Our motto is "everyone has the right to be happy"

4. How much do your services cost?

- For the female our services are completely free, for men or the hosted side, our service costs 1500 euros* (please contact us for a more specific price)

5. For how long is the settlement agreement made?

- By default the contract is made for 6 months, but it is always possible to make a correction by mutual consent.

6. What if I terminate an agreement earlier than the agreed term of the contract?

- You have the right to terminate the contract before its expiration, in which case you need to sign a document that you refuse our services, we will return you to the country of your arrival within a week!

7. What happens during the contract?

- You live together with the your partner who chose you and you by his mutual consent. You live on the living space provided by the host country. The receiving party undertakes to support you in the Full Volume, namely to provide all the necessary amenities for living and food.

8. Do I need insurance to travel to Belgium?

- Yes, you need to make minimum insurance for a month.

9. Who will meet me in Belgium, how can I get to the place?

- You do not need nothing to worry about, We will meet you at the railway station or airport and take you to the hotel.

10. Can I count on support during my stay, in foreighn country?

- Without conditionality, you can count on us in any situations and on any issues, during the whole of your stay in a foreign country!

11. How can I learn a language or help with integration?

- We will help you in the integration process & to learn language

12. What language do I need to know?

- You must have at least basic English skills, Belgium citizens use mostly Dutch and French languages.

13. What makes you different from other dating sites?

- We offer a completely different concept for women and men,
a) individual communication with each of the parties,
b) anoniemmatch.com assistant guarantor of yours date meeting,
c) not any "pitfalls and surprises"
d) 4 we save your time and nerves,
e) We "lead" a couple for the whole terms of contract,
f) advising and supporting on various issues,
g) we are giving opportunity for a new love, life and vivid impressions.

14. What awaits me after the contract is over?

- After the contract is concluded, there are several possibilities,
a) You stay together with the person whom you met and decide together yours future.
b) You decide to stay abroad, we can help you by consultation in this matter.
c) You return to your homeland.

15. Can I work during my stay in Belgium?

- Yes, you can apply for a available vacancies, depending on your experience and knowledges.

16. Am I in the country legally?

- Yes, you are from the European Union**, and your stay in Belgium is Legal. ** ( For Not EU citizens please contact US for more information )